About Me


Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist having obtained my Certificate, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and I currently supervise, tutor and lecture for the LCCH.

Having completed a degree in Psychology in 1996, I came to study hypnosis in 1999 through a personal interest in this fascinating therapy. I always knew I wanted to do counselling of some form, but of all the valuable therapies available in which to train, nothing really ignited my passions until I discovered Hypnotherapy.

Having overcome my own massive 13 year dental phobia with the use of hypnosis, I knew that this was the therapy I wanted to do and that it really worked! It gives me great pleasure to see others taking control of issues in their lives, with my help, but the real work is all the client’s own.

As with most professions, I continually learn and train to develop greater knowledge in specific techniques and conditions, and began training in one of the newest ‘energy psychology’ therapies to come out of the last century, EFT – emotional freedom technique, in January ’03. Since then, I have gone on to become one of the first students in the UK to be trained to Level III status.

In June 2006 I became a trainer in EFT, and currently run trainings in EFT Levels 1,2 & 3. I also provide EFT trainings for other NLP and Hypnosis training institutions throughout the UK.

I work with many varied conditions and you will find a listing elsewhere on this site. Always call should you not find what you are looking for and I’ll give you an honest opinion. If I can’t help you I’ll do my best to find someone that can. I treat clients privately at home and I also practice out of the LCCH in London’s west end.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and appreciate every client that makes an appointment with me. The therapy is completely based around each individual and no two clients are ever the same. It is the client’s therapy session and I hope to accommodate their needs respectfully. If you decide to give me a call, I look forward to hearing from you.